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Mill Creek's Sasquatch Sasha 
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 Standard - F1b 
 Color:      Creme
 VetGen:  BBee
 Size:   55 lbs, 23"
 Coat:  Curly, Wool
 Cerf:  normal
 PRA:  clear
 Hips:  good - excellent
 Cardiac: normal
 Thyroid: w/i normal range
 Patellar luxation:  normal
Non-shed & allergy friendly 
Her summer haircut
We got Sasha in March '04, she is an F1B (a Labradoodle bred to a Poodle). She has had all her health clearances.  She is a great mommy. Sasha is very intelligent and active, but is also laid back when she is indoors. She has a curly, wool coat, which is non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.  Her coat is a great foundation for producing beautiful coats on her puppies.   Sasha has a wonderful temperment; we have 3 children who can attest to that. Sasha keeps up with our 12-year old athlete and can hold her own covering him in football and clipping/tackling him when he catches the ball. Our daughter babies her as she "fixes" Sasha's hair and reads to her. Our 6-year old keeps her patient and loving. 

 Where's Santa???

Sasha @ 4 months old 
Sasha's F2 Litter