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Mill Creek's Her Name Was Lola &

Mill Creek's Master of the Universe

Small Med/Medium Australian Labradoodles


7 Weeks Old

Mill Creek's Olivia Newton John - "Olive"

Mason Guardian Family

Syracruse Family


MacCarthy Family


Berry Family



Mill Creek's Shepherd


Bedrock Labradoodles

 ~Birth Date October 9th with puppies going home December 4th ~

**Now Accepting Deposits**

5 Weeks Old



4 Weeks Old



3 Weeks Old



2 Weeks Old


4 Weeks




           Mill Creek's Her Name Was Lola                Mill Creek's Master of the Universe

             "Lola"                                                           "Thor" 

 Lola and Thor    We are in great anticipation for this pairing.  Lola and Thor both have very loving personalities with looks to boot!  Lola is a large mini and Thor is a medium.  We anticipate small mediums/mediums (17"-18.5", 25-35lbs) ranging in all colors - cream, caramel, chocolate and black.  We know that Lola carries for parti, but we are not sure if Thor does.  If he does then we can have some partis as will be a surprise. 

 ~Birthdate Oct 9th with puppies going home approx December 4th ~

**Now Accepting Deposits**

After application/interview and $300 non-refundable deposit received, families will be placed on the Master wait list.  This specific Litter Wait List will be compiled AFTER litter is born in the order from Master Wait List of families requesting the specifications of this litter. We reserve the right to keep 1st and 2nd choice puppy for future breeding stock if we decide to. Your deposit will reserve your a spot on the Master Wait List. 

Total cost of a puppy is $2700 (the deposit will be applied to the total)


1.   Mill Creek Labradoodles - Mason Family PINK GIRL - Mill Creek's Olivia Newton John "Olive"

2.  Mill Creek Labradoodles -  RED BOY - Mill Creek's Shepherd of Bedrock "Shepherd" 

3. Syracruse - TEAL GIRL 

4.  Berry - PURPLE

5.  McCarthy - BLUE BOY