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Sierra Vista's Shakira, Rattle and Roll - "Kira" 


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 Australian MultiGen

(7th Gen)

 Color:   Chocolate/Lavendar
 VetGen:  bbEe
 Size:  19" 40lbs
 Coat:  Wavy Fleece
 Cerf:  normal
 PRA:  clear by parentage
 Cardiac: normal
 Patellar luxation:  normal
Non-shed & allergy friendly
ALAA # - 014870

Shakira aka "Kira" came to us from Sierra Vista Labradoodles in California.  She was born on Thanksgiving Day of '07.  We are very excited about adding her to our breeding program and have great plans for her.  She is a beautiful medium, fleece-coated, chocolate 7th generation Australian Labradoodle.  Kira's coat has matured into a rare lavendar color.  It resembles a smoky silver color and is gorgeous.  You can see her new color in the pictures below.




These are all Kira at 9.5 months 
Kira at 1yr4mo with her stunning lavendar coat

 4 weeks old                                                 10 weeks old
10 weeks old                                                 11 weeks old
These are her parents.....
              Sierra Vista's Neptune                                 Sierra Vista's Zenith - "Zoe"