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Mill Creek's Kirstie Alley &

Mill Creek's Antonio Banderas

Born June 22, 2017 * Medium Australian Labradoodles

3 Weeks Old





Mill Creek's Kirstie Alley                    Mill Creek's Antonio Banderas

"Alley"                                               "Bandit"


Alley and Bandit have eloped :)  So excited about this pairing!! Look at those faces <3  So with these guys we expect solid mediums with great boning, 18.5"-20" & 33lbs - 43lbs.  We expect caramels (like Alley), caramel/white parti, chocolates, and chocolate/white partis (like Bandit) with super soft fleece coats.  Sweet temperaments with nice heads!  Pregnancy has been confirmed via ultrasound! 

~Birthdate June 22th with puppies going home August 17th~

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Mill Creek's Princess Mia Turmopolis "Mia" &

Ocean State's Tug at my Heartstrings "Tug"

Born June 28, 2017 * Mini Australian Labradoodles

2 Weeks Old


      Mill Creek's Princess Mia Turmopolis         Ocean State's Tug at my Heartstrings

"Mia"                                                           "Tug"

 Mia and Tug have eloped!!  Can't wait to see the darling puppies we get from these two.  Mia is a true mini at 16" and 21lbs and Tug is 17.5" and 32lbs so we expect puppies ranging anywhere between the parents height and weight.  Colors will include any combinations including: black, blk/wht parti, chocolate, choc/wht parti, apricot, apr/wht parti, caramel, and carmel/wht parti!  Confirmed pregnancy via ultrasound!!


~Est. due date June 30th with puppies going home 4th week of August~

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Mill Creek's Daisy Mae Duke &

Mill Creek's Antonio Banderas

Medium Parti Australian Labradoodles

Pregnancy CONFIRMED!



Mill Creek's Daisy Mae Duke                   Mill Creek's Antonio Banderas

"Daisy"                                                "Bandit"

Daisy and Bandit have eloped!!  This is Daisy's first litter.  Daisy is a very happy, sweet girl.  This will be a real fun litter to see grow up.  Daisy is a medium (19" and 37lbs) and Bandit is as well 18.5" and 32lbs so we expect puppies between ranging anywhere between the parents height and weight.  Colors will include any parti combination including: blk/wht parti, choc/wht parti, apr/wht parti, and carmel/wht parti!  Pregnancy confirmation July 17th.


~Est. due date August 22nd with puppies going home approx Oct 17th~


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   Brooke, Kira & Sasha <3                Sierra Vista's Shakira, Rattle & Roll - "Kira"  

Sasha/Cooper Litter - @ 8 weeks
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